The complexity involved in establishing and maintaining a best-of-class Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program is significant. The scope of BSA/AML regulations, daily operational concerns, continuous AML training needs, and limited resources make determining the best approach highly challenging. Few small to mid-size banks have the time, resources or subject matter expertise to actualize the ideal solution on their own.

Aperilex specializes in helping small and mid-size banks navigate these BSA/AML challenges by effectively leveraging our extensive experience to address regulatory and operational issues while providing crucial guidance to help thwart the sophisticated tactics employed by money launderers and other criminal elements.

Our team of professionals has spent the last decade working on complex AML issues for some of the world’s largest banks. Aperilex was founded with the goal of bringing this proven expertise to small and mid-sized banks providing customized solutions to help manage risk and cohere to regulatory requirements. Aperilex provides current insight into emerging issues and regulatory changes in the BSA/AML landscape while working closely with clients to resolve any weaknesses in their BSA/AML program.

With the cost of compliance increasing sharply over the last 10 years and no sign of respite for financial institutions, AML will undoubtedly continue to be a high profile and high cost activity for the foreseeable future. Our unique combination of assets: personalized service, knowledge, resources, and depth of experience will ensure your institution is employing the ideal BSA/AML solution.

Our name:

Our Name, Aperilex, (ah-Peer-II-Ex) reflects our mission and core values. Coined from ‘Aperio’, a Latin verb meaning to ‘open, unseal, or reveal’ and ‘Lex’, the Latin word for ‘law, ordinance or regulation’, Aperilex represents our commitment to an insightful and intelligent approach to our client’s BSA/AML needs.